Aigigo Consult Ltd

Develop both personally and professionally from an international experience!

You can easily Study Abroad. Do you want a beautiful journey of success abroad?

Aigigo Consult Ltd is new generation firm that works with the highest level of professionalism as well as ensures efficient service delivery across board.

At Aigigo, we have three major services we render to our esteemed clients. These are Business Support Services, Human Resource Management and Travel Agency.


With businesses witnessing unprecedented economic growth years on with prevalent social and industrial opportunities, new attitudes, skills and knowledge are required realtime. Large Corporate Organizations, Small Businesses, Schools and Business Enterprises are positioning themselves to the rising demand in the emerging market place.

Aigigo Inspirational Quotes & Writing

  • TRUST, is a naked truth

    TRUST, is a naked truth, Standing firm but alone in the heat. She is unperturbed by our cheery naivety, but easily illuminates the beholders eye. Everyone fail to accept her verdict, even when justice takes the back seat, she neither cowers nor blinks in adversity. Knowing how humans pick tort when they hear...


Why Our Clients Choose Us

  •  We have handled hundreds of successful application across the world.

  • We provide professional and first hand advisory services for all travel category, tourism, student and permanent residency.

  • We provide and process admission and visas to different countries of the world.

  • We are passionate and committed travel experts