What We Do


1. Aigigo HR / Business Support Services

Business Support Services

Proposal/Business Plan Drafting.
Advisory Services to corporate bodies and individuals

Content creation:
Business logo creation, Slideshow video creation, Poster, Business card, Flyer, Invitation cards. Ad’s on Facebook, Instagram and social Media, Ad’s design and content quotes creation, inspiration writing.

We maintain updated database of skilled individuals to fit a wide variety of positions both for executive placements as well as junior to middle management levels. We conduct our recruitment service in order to select the best fit for the role you desire by screening, testing and evaluating for all the required competencies the role requires.


At Aigigo, we believe people are the key to a better future and we understand how important it is to match needed skills to a company or business, using modern realities and recent data knowledge to aid our human resource practice.
What we do under our Training Service is to build people that will drive the business. We identify the critical competency requirements for all positions and ensure that individuals that will be responsible for the positions are trained to adequately occupy such positions

2. Aigigo Travels
Study abroad / Admission to foreign institutions.

Advisory Services

Visa Application