Aigigo Consult Ltd

Who We Are


Aigigo Consult Ltd is new generation firm that works with the highest level of professionalism as well as ensures efficient service delivery across board.

At Aigigo, we have three major services we render to our esteemed clients. These are Business Support Services, Human Resource Management and Travel Agency.

Under Business Support Services, we focus on Payroll Management, Business Partnership and Proposal/Business Plan Drafting.

On Human Resource Management, our interest is on Recruitment and Training as we understand how important it is to match needed skills with the right personnel.

Our Visa Processing and Travel Support Services are becoming more popular on what we do at Aigigo Consult Ltd as we are recording high success rate in Visa Processing among our clients.

Aigigos’ objective is to provide our clients and their employees excellent services, to recruit, select candidates into the right roles, jobs and provide training needs.

AIGIGO CONSULT LTD is your trusted aid in world class Travels, Human Resource / Business Support services, Our goal is to be innovative and lead in the concepts of Travels, Human resource and business support services, putting ourself in the front line market of best service givers company in Nigeria with our professional and high level service delivery.